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Brancaster CE VA primary school
 Curriculum information
Early Years Foundation Stage: Children join us in the school year after they become 4. They follow the foundation curriculum for the first year, then the National Curriculum.

National Curriculum: Children at Key Stages 1 and 2 study 12 subject areas. Of this Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Computing are Core subjects whilst Art, Design Technology, History, Geography, Music and Physical Education are Foundation Subjects. These may be taught as discrete subjects or within a cross curricular theme.

Religious Education (RE) is also a compulsory subject, although all parents can request for their child to be withdrawn from RE.

As a church school, Religious Education is an important aspect of our school curriculum. We base our syllabus for this subject on the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus, following advice from the Diocese. An act of Christian Worship is conducted each day and the local incumbent, Reverend Susan, leads an assembly every week.

More details are provided in the documents below:

The reading scheme we are using in Key Stage 1 is called ReadWrite (PDF)

There is more information here in our curriculum statement .

If you would like further details please contact the school.

Do you want to help your child with maths at home?

There are a number of websites that you can go to that have some great maths activities.

 Extra-curricular activities
At Brancaster School we recognise that we are responsible, in partnership with parents and others, for the all round development of our children. To this end we endeavour to provide a variety of Extra Curricular Activities. These are taught by staff as well as coaches, parents and friends of the school. During the academic year we aim to provide activities covering subjects such as art, and craft, textiles, Music tuition, environmental and history activities. We also offer a range of extra curricular sporting opportunities for the children, which include Golf at our local club, Tennis, Football, Archery, Fencing, Dance / Drama and Multi-Sports.

We are always on the lookout for parents and friends who have expertise to offer in any area that may enrich the education of our children. Please contact the Executive Head Teacher if you feel you may have something to offer.